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Investment Portfolio of ICB

Being the largest institutional investor ICB contributes significantly to the development of the country's capital market through active portfolio management which is one of the important functions of ICB.

During 2003-04 a total investment of Tk. 138.93 crore has been made in the investment portfolio of ICB including Tk.O.2 crore in shares of a company through Pre-IPO placement, Tk. 7.0 crore in debentures of two companies, Tk. 0.3 crore in preference shares of a company and Tk. 5.0 crore in bonds of a company.

As a result of favorable market situation in 2003-04 ICB earned Tk. 42.25 crore as capital gain through sale of securities of Tk. 258.59 crore which was 53.58 per cent higher than the capital gains of Tk. 27.51 crore made in 2002-03. During 2003-04, an amount of Tk. 22.95 crore was earned as dividend on shares and interest on debentures as against Tk. 21.5 crore in 2002-03 registering an increase of 6.74 per cent. Dividend income has increased because of satisfactory dividend performance of some companies.

Up to 30 June 2004 ICB made a total investment of Tk 41.08 crore in 27 companies through purchase of preference shares, debentures, shares against pre-IPO placement and bonds of Tk.7.3 crore of 3 companies, Tk. 9.5 crore of 3 companies, Tk. 11.33 crore of 12 companies and Tk. 5.0 crore of a company respectively as well as through investment of Tk. 7.95 crore in 8 companies as direct equity participation

As on 30 June 2004, the market value of the securities of ICB's investment portfolio stood at Tk.521.62 crore against the net investment value of Tk. 378.82 crore resulting in capital appreciation of Tk. 1 42.8 crore. Details of the portfolio position are shown in Exhibit-'A'-


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